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July, 2016

Welcome Online Christian Parents

By on July 5, 2016

As Christians we want to raise our children in the faith, teach them, train them and discipline them in the way god intended. The all new Online Christian Parenting will help you with just that. We will guide you with bible verses aimed at parenting, our experience and with support as you raise your children with Christ. Our advice will range from young toddlers all the way to their teen years and beyond.


Some of the information we will be adding to this site will involve:

  • Walking the way, leading by your actions
  • Teaching them to walk with Christ
  • Disciplining your children, not in a destructive manner
  • How to overcome hardship
  • We will share our own experiences, good and bad
  • …and much more.

Our mission is to help families raise their children in the ways of the faith and knowing Jesus. It all starts at home with the family.