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Healthy Ways For Parents To Lose The Winter Weight

By on May 22, 2017

For most people, gaining weight in winter is almost certain. But this shouldn’t be the case. No matter how cold it is, it is your duty to ensure that you stay physically fit—go an extra mile if need be. While it is true that the winter period naturally makes it harder for you to get outdoors, you shouldn’t give in. Go outdoors. Exercise. Shed pounds. You shouldn’t be dull even if it’s winter. Here are some of the ways for parents to lose winter weight:

1. Go dancing

Instead of just being glued to the TV, go dance. As a parent, you may feel a little shy or embarrassed dancing with younger people. If you find yourself uneasy in the company of younger people, you can join a dance group for the old people. You can even go dancing with your spouse! Dancing can help you shed up to two hundred pounds a week. And what’s more, it teaches you balancing and coordination skills. While you can easily dance on your own, it advisable that you find a partner to cheer you up.

2. Join a sport team

Winter is the period you need to join a sports team more than ever. Joining a sports team increases your chances of turning up because you don’t want to embarrass your team. You can join sports such as basketball, hockey, volleyball, football, and much more. Basketball and volleyball usually take place indoors, so you are almost certain that when you join, you’ll never miss. Sports help you burn up to 500 calories in an hour.

3. Buy an exercise bike

You are wrong if you think you can’t buy an exercise bike because you’re a parent. Buy one and cycle indoors! You need it to lose weight. Cycling is an excellent way to burn calories, and studies have revealed that fifteen minutes of cycling everyday uses up approximately 700 calories in a week.

4. Go skiing

Let’s be honest. Skiing is fun, and you hardly notice that you are exercising when skiing. Skiing burns up to 400 calories per hour, and since most people go for long skiing trips, one can easily lose up to 20,000 calories in one skiing trip. Therefore, even if it’s cold out there, brace yourself up and go skiing. You will surely lose more weight than you had anticipated.

5. Don’t skip meals

You may think that skipping meals is smart. Well, it isn’t. During winter, the worst thing you can do is to skip meals because when you finally eat, you will eat twice the amount you would have eaten. Eating normally is, therefore, a key to shedding some pounds during the winter season.

6. Nutrisystem

Nutrisystem is a weight loss plan that best fits your life. If winter period has succeeded in keeping you indoors, Nutrisystem is your best bet. This diet plan has various food plans that will surely help you lose weight. If you are worried about the cost of this diet plan, a Nutrisystem promo code is all you need. Save money as you lose weight with this promo code.

If you’re a parent, it’s high time you focus on losing weight in winter. This is the period people unconsciously add weight. The above ways will see you shed some pounds during the winter period.

6 Characteristics of a Godly Man

By on August 15, 2016

Characteristics of a Godly Man

Characteristics of a Godly Man

Marriage as a Godly intended institution is one of the most feared in the present world. As some are so much wishing to get married and start a family, those with families are willing to flee just because they can’t take it anymore. In the modern world, biblical foundations of marriage are no longer being given attention. The issue of men’s’ headship and women’s submissiveness is no longer a rule to go by. Everybody feels that they have a right to express themselves and act in whichever way they want to. However, a family is a foundational institution that was well planned by God himself. Just like Christ is the bridegroom while the church is the bride, man, the bridegroom, was granted the headship of the family while the woman is the bride. Marriage is, therefore, a representative of God’s love between Christ and the bride, the church. Well, with that said you could perhaps be asking yourself why families are facing problems and breaking apart day in day out. Today, the divorce rate is unimaginable and it continues to get worse. One of the reasons as to why many families break is due to lack of proper and spiritual leadership by the husbands. This is why am going to share some of the ways or rather the Christian values that any married man should have in mind when leading his family. 

Love God 

This is perhaps the most important consideration, even though most individuals do ignore it not knowing the difference it makes in a family. Loving God is the foundation of the life of any man or woman on this planet. When a man loves God he will lead his family in a way that glorifies God rather than his own self. When the truth of the word of God is anchored in a man’s heart, God’s purpose in his life will reflect in his walk in faith, behavior, and actions. A spiritual husband should love God more than he loves his wife. If this isn’t the case it will be impossible for him to submit to the body of Christ, an issue that will influence his family leadership. Most importantly, when a man loves God, the Holy Spirit will empower him to live a Godly life and fulfill God’s purpose in his family and the community around. 

Love His Wife and Children

Apart from loving God, a man should love his wife just as he loves himself. The bible puts it even more clearly by saying that he who loves his wife loves himself. In fact, love should be the core principle that governs everybody in the world. Paul told the leaders of the Corinthian church that they should do everything in love. A spiritual husband should love his family just the same way Christ loved the church to the point of dying on the cross for the sake of our sins. This implies that a husband should learn to understand the emotional nature of his wife and bring the best out in her, doing everything in love and not by rebuking her. One of the reasons as to why married couples are facing difficulties is because of the selfish ambitions that are pursued by everybody. The love that a husband should have for his family should be genuine, protective, caring and enduring. A loving father nurtures a loving family. If you are still looking for a mate, then finding one who share in your Christian principles helps. You can find other Christian singles on sites like to find that special someone to spend the rest of your life with.

Be Understanding

This is another area that is crucial to a successful family life. Most men fail to understand the true meaning of the phrase “weaker vessels”. It simply means that women are wired differently. The spirituality, emotional and the physical nature of a woman is totally different from that of a man. This is why a husband should take some time to study his wife and understand her way of love, strengths and weakness. A man as the head should try and lead the woman on the right path without bullying her or neglecting her emotional needs. The bible goes ahead to state that husbands should understand their wives as the weaker vessels as they are heirs with them of the grace of life. It goes ahead to state that husbands should do this so that their prayers aren’t hindered. 

Lead By Example

This is probably the best to prove your true character. As a responsible and Godly man, you should portray a good example to your wife and children. The respect others have for us normally depend on how we carry out ourselves. The same way, just as Christ showed us a perfect example, we should imitate him. Let the true essence of faith, humility, love, patience, and discipline be reflected in you. When you act as a good role model to your family, you will have the respect you deserve. If you don’t adhere to this rule, you will see a reflection of what you are after years. That is why the saying “like father like son” is common. 

Make Time for Your Family

No matter how tight your schedule is, try and fix time to spend together with your family. Engage your wife and children as often as possible so as to grow the family bond. Be adventurous and creative in a way by organizing a trip away during the weekend. There are other several activities that you can engage your family in such as bible studies, exercising, playing games and even helping your children with their homework. There is nothing fulfilling as giving quality time to your loved one. Women, unlike men, are more moved by how we make them feel. Spend time with your wife and be by her side meeting all her emotional and sexual needs. In addition, be a good listener to your wife and help her exploit her potential in a positive motivating way. 

Be the Provider

This is one of the most controversial areas in today’s marriage. In the modern setting, both couples play a role towards meeting the financial needs of the family. However, based on the biblical teachings, it is the responsibility of a man to bear the primary responsibility for meeting the financial needs of the family. In fact, according to the bible, a man who fails to provide for his family is worse than a pagan. Generally speaking, a Godly husband should always look ahead and initiate most of the family goals whether financial, spiritual or emotional. A good husband should be a good planner who anticipates the future and lays in place proper strategies in order to meet his family needs.


No one is perfect. Even men, despite being the heads of the family aren’t naturally Godly. To be a Godly husband who will spearhead the family leadership in the right way, you need spiritually empowerment to be able to live up to the task. Men need the help of the Holy Spirit in order to be vibrant spiritually and focus on leading their families in the right path. Being saturated with the word of God and consistent prayers are also vital in a healthy family leadership. Above all, a Godly husband should do everything for the glory and honor of the living God. 

Here is a great video that goes in more depth on being a godly man.

Welcome Online Christian Parents

By on July 5, 2016

As Christians we want to raise our children in the faith, teach them, train them and discipline them in the way god intended. The all new Online Christian Parenting will help you with just that. We will guide you with bible verses aimed at parenting, our experience and with support as you raise your children with Christ. Our advice will range from young toddlers all the way to their teen years and beyond.


Some of the information we will be adding to this site will involve:

  • Walking the way, leading by your actions
  • Teaching them to walk with Christ
  • Disciplining your children, not in a destructive manner
  • How to overcome hardship
  • We will share our own experiences, good and bad
  • …and much more.

Our mission is to help families raise their children in the ways of the faith and knowing Jesus. It all starts at home with the family.